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Founding of Extermetal Stahl GmbH as a subsidiary of London-based Extermetal Ltd and as its representation in Austria, which subsequently develops rapidly into an independent trading company with a quickly growing turnover.

Founding of Horex Trade d.o.o. in Zagreb, Croatia as a joint company with the Dunaferr/Dunaújvarós steel mill

Expansion to the Krems location; planning of the service center in the Danube Harbor

Commissioning of the first hall in Krems

Delivery of 100,000 tons of our steel plates

Founding of Extermetal GmbH based in Linz as a pure steel trading company for international trading activities Construction of an initial storage and later production hall for the planned production of steel plates

Start of construction of the steel service center in Krems on the Danube

Start of the production of steel plates in Krems; doubling of existing storage and production areas

Founding of Exterfer d.o.o Ljubljana as a warehousing steel trader and representative in Slovenia (51% majority share), which developed very positively in the following years and became one of the leading steel trading companies in Slovenia

Founding of BH-Rex, headquartered in Zenica, Bosnia

The turnover of the companies belonging to the group exceeds EUR 100 million for the first time.

Takeover of the remaining shares in Extermetal Ltd. and Dunaferr
Construction of a second warehouse in Krems
Completion of new, state-of-the-art warehouses and offices in Zagreb

Extension, resp., conversion of the cut-to-length line in Krems to expand the production spectrum (thicknesses up to 15 mm and higher-strength grades) Exterstahl GmbH achieves sales of more than EUR 100 million for the first time.

Construction of the fourth warehouse and production hall in Krems

Founding of BSK GmbH for the administration of the halls and facilities at the Krems location

Sale of the stake in Extefer d.o.o. Ljubljana to the minority partners. All domestic and foreign enterprises belonging to the company are now owned solely by the parent company, later renamed Exterstahl Holding.

Branch offices established in the Czech Republic and Hungary

Purchase of warehouses, storage areas and offices in Varaždin, Croatia from the Russian Mechel Group and commencement of operations as the second location in Croatia, with the aim of subsequently expanding this site into a major prefabrication center for steel products.

Start of retail business in Zagreb by acquiring the company Željeznar. The one-millionth ton of steel plate is processed at Exterstahl in Krems.
Commissioning of new production facilities in Varaždin for cutting steel plates by means of plasma and oxy-fuel, as well as a new blasting plant for surface descaling.

In Krems, the company brand RELAX for laser quality plates is launched. The steel plate prefabrication in Varaždin is going well, already reaching full capacity by the end of the year.

Expansion of the company premises in Krems with additional space for the construction of a warehouse for the further development of delivery logistics. Major plant investments at the Krems site to improve quality and increase production capacity.