Exterstahl RELAX – Your Productivity Plus

Exterstahl Relax steel plates have been specially developed for processing on state-of-the-art laser equipment and are ideal for use with unmanned shifts. Optimized for high performance in automated production.

  • Shorter production times
  • Superior laser cutting capability
  • Reduced post-processing requirement of the cutting parts
  • Uniform surface and interior condition
  • Very limited flatness tolerances

The Exterstahl Laser Quality
Flatness deviations are limited to less than ⅓ of the normal deviations according to EN 10051.
Width tolerances for cut edges are limited to a maximum ⅓ of the permissible deviations according to EN 10051.
Length tolerances are reduced to maximum ½ values according to EN 10051.
The squareness of the plates has been significantly improved – ½ values according to EN 10051.

Selected and Inspected Premium Quality
For a Smooth Cutting Operation and the Best Results:
Our quality controls during the entire production process from the receipt of the coil to the delivery of the plate ensure that our Exterstahl steel plates meet the high demands of laser processing.
Already during the selection of the pre-material only proven manufacturers get the call after grade- and dimension-specific approval procedures.
Coils with a 3.1 Inspection Certificate and the corresponding test reports are exclusively processed.
The plates are positioned in a tensionless manner by a specially developed procedure so that no deformations occur when cutting. Reduced speed during this manufacturing process enables plates of the highest quality to be produced.

Our Exterstahl Relax steel plates can generally be galvanized. Choose the optimal surface to keep the laser plant in a clean and technically flawless condition.
• Relax scale-resistant surface
• Relax brushed – free of non-adhesive scales
The non-adhesive scales are mechanically removed by carbide brushes and subsequently suctioned away. As a result, the protective micro-scale layer is completely retained.
• Relax brushed & oiled – After the loose scales are removed, an oil coating is applied to the surface.
• Relax pickled – completely scale-free

Download the folder about our RELAX plates here.